A Parish Council meeting was held in Cauldon Lowe Village Hall on Tuesday, 2nd. August 2016.
Present were Cllr. Cooper (Chairman) Cllrs. Allerton, Bendall, Brindley, Dale, Lees, Withington-Hyde, SCC Cllr. Worthington (Local Member) SMDC Ward Cllrs. Fallows and Lucas and two members of the public (residents of Moorfields Close)..

Apologies: Mr. J. W. Wood, Clerk.


A. Chairman had contacted Mr. Steele, SCC Highways, regarding request from parishioners led by Mrs. Swinson for dropped kerb at Moorfields Close (ref: 16.94.A). Quotation of £1500 received to undertake necessary works. This sum to be covered from Cllr. Worthington’s allotted SCC fund. Cotton Parish Council would pay the initial invoice and reclaim the agreed £1500 from SCC fund.
Some confusion arose as to whether the dropped kerbs were for car access to both properties, or for wheelchair access.
Action: Cllr. Worthington to liaise with contractor undertaking work and with Mr. Steele, SCC. Chairman to be kept informed and to disseminate information to other Councillors and Clerk as required.
Residents of Moorfields Close then retired from the meeting.

Cllr. Cooper declared an interest in any matters concerning planning matters at P.H. Wintertons.

Meeting held on 5th. July, 2016. These were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record.
A. Defibrillator – (Min. 16.97.A) – Chairman informed Council that a cheque had been received from JCB and banked. Following Chairman’s representation to JCB an article regarding the donation to the defibrillator project had now appeared in both the Leek Post and the Cheadle & Tean Times.
Chairman had received a 1:1250 scale plan of The Cross Inn, forwarded by the publican from Punch Taverns, but this email could not be opened. Chairman had communicated this to the Landlords but no response or letter of authorization had been received.
Council considered that this was now seriously affecting progress of the defibrillator project and that Punch Taverns / Landlords need an ultimatum that unless a written consent and drawings are received by the end of August, an alternative location will be used.
Action: Clerk to contact Landlords of the Cross Inn and Punch Taverns relaying Council’s concerns and that an alternative location at Cauldon Lowe Village Hall will be sought if CPC’s needs are not satisfied by the end of August.
Cllr. Allerton reported that Lafarge had replied to requests and they would pay the cost of defibrillator installation. Cllr. Dale thought this a little mean.
Action: Chairman informed the meeting that he would approach P.H. Winterton, but as they had had a family bereavement any such approach had been inappropriate during July.

General discussion ensued regarding alternative sources of funding such as Lottery Funding, Crime Commissioner’s Grant, West Midlands Air Ambulance but these were not proposed to be taken up by Council at the present time.

Chairman informed Council that an invoice had been received from Steve Billings (who had now resigned his position as Lengthsman) in the sum of £200.00 and invoices had been received from H & H Garden Services who had taken over Lengthsman duties. Proposed Cllr. Dale seconded Cllr. Allerton that these accounts be paid. Carried.
Chairman informed Council that Lengthsman had provided Council with estimate of £250.00 to dig out / concrete area before Sextan’s hut. An alternative estimate of £550 to remove the existing concrete and replace with a new concrete pad was received. Proposed Cllr. Dale seconded Cllr. Withington-Hyde that Council accept / adopt the initial £250 concrete replacement scheme. Carried.
Action: Chairman to contact Lengthsman on behalf of Clerk to initiate works subject to acceptance by Lengthsman and receipt of appropriate Method Statement and Risk Assessments. Lengthsman to propose a date for the works so as NOT to co-incide with any future interment.
Cllr. Bendall informed Council that Culdon Lowe had been placed 3rd. in the Best Kept Village Competition, Kingsley Holt having won. Council agreed that, considering the mowing difficulties earlier in the year, this had been a very good effort and result.
It was re-iterated how satisfactory the mowing had been but, with the end of the BKV competition, it would no longer be necessary for the Lengthsman to mow the verges etc. in Cauldon Lowe.
Action: Chairman to contact Lengthsman on behalf of Clerk to request price for just mowing playground in Cauldon Lowe rather than the verges also being included.


A. SMD/2016/0415 – Ellastone House. No comments forthcoming.

None received.

Other Planning Matters
A. Weekly lists – circulated to Cllrs. with email facilities.
B. Chairman informed Council that a planning application had been submitted by Ivan Cooper (Moorside) Ltd. On behalf of P.H. Winterton & Son Ltd. for their extraction fan equipment etc.

A. Additional play bark – four plus a bit one ton bags had been delivered to the playground. Problems in recruiting personnel to lay same. Cllr. Bendall promised assistance and recruitment of other parishioners to help.
B. Maintenance – satisfactory under new contractor. As BKV competition had ended, no longer necessary for Lengthsman to mow verges in Cauldon Lowe.

A. Maintenance – H & H Garden Services had taken over contract.
B. Double sided sign opposite cemetery – Mrs. Nutter SCC contacted again by Clerk.

C. Damaged steps outside sexton’s hut (see 16.110 above).– Discussed previously.
D. Proposed entrance sign / arch to be discussed at a future meeting.

Issues reported through SCC Cllr. Worthington, SCC Cllr. Deaville, Mr Greatbatch and Mr. Steele Clerk had notified the above personnel of the following issues.
Anticipated NHT Projects:
1. Various potholes included in report.
2. Cllr. Allerton reported that new bollard at Rue Hill had been damaged in latest accident there and that, in a separate incident earlier that day a motorist had managed to crash into the directional chevron signs at Windy Arbour crossrods (junction of A 52 with Ellastone Road). Action : Clerk to notify SCC Highways.
3. Damaged Cotton sign on Cotton Lane. Included in report. Ordered.
4. Gulleys blocked above Cotton crossroads. “In hand”.
5. Overhanging saplings on A52 near junction with Cotton Lane). Included in report. “In hand”.
6. Blocked ditch to Cabbage Hall. Included in report.
7. Problems at Star Crossoads with regularly damaged services box (BT Openreach) Included in report. “In hand” and to be completed within 90 days by SCC. Cllr. Brindley to email Mr. Steele in this regard.
8. Discoloured sign reported at Cotton Crossroads.
9. Overhanging trees at Three Lows crossroads. On going.
10. Chirman and Cllr. Allerton informed Council about lack of progress with SCC Transport Dept’s Jackie Bridgen regarding new and dangerous necessity of school children crossing 60 mph AQ 52 road to catch school bus. Chairman informed meeting he had informed Karen Bradley MP and that she was contacting SCC by letter in regard to this development.
Action: SCC Cllr. Worthington to also take up this matter on behalf of CPC with Jackie Bridgen of SCC Transport.

No issues reported.

No meetings of outside agencies had taken place since last meeting of Council.

Cllr. Dale informed Council regarding problems with wheel washing equipment at Tarmac Quarry and dust suppression at Lafarge.
Action: Clerk to contact Tarmac re: wheel washing equipment which is not currently working and appears NOT to have been working for some time (Waterhouses PC to be copied in).

Chairman also informed meeting that he had received a compliant from a Parishioner in regard to dust and lack of adequate dust suppression during blasting and as the bulldozer is working under the conveyor.
Action: Clerk to contact Lafarge regarding dust and inadequate dust suppression (Waterhouses PC to be copied in).

Cllr. Brindley informed Council regarding lack of action by SCC regarding blocked drains etc. at Star Crossroads and that one Amy Alcock was considering legal action for damage incurred due to unnecessary flooding.

Ction: SCC Cllr. Worthington also to take up this matter on behalf of CPC.

Reported that Cauldon Lowe had been placed third in BKV Competition despite earlier mowing difficulties.
Action: Clerk to write to Community Group (via Cllr. Bendall) expressing Council’s congratulations on being placed third in 2016 Competition.
A. SMDC – Weekly lists and other routine items.
B SMDC – routine correspondence.


A. Mr. Jamie Hill
Cemetery & recreation mowing / Lengthsman services £540.00

B. Steve Billings – Lengthsman Services £200.00
Cllr. Dale reported that he had arranged a meeting with Karen Bradley MP regarding poor BT and internet service experienced by all customers /; parishioners of Cotton Parish. Many of those present concurred with Cllr. Dale regarding this poor service (Cllr. Dale had been without service for 28 days recently).

Meeting rose at 8.50 p.m.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 6th. September 2016, 7.30 p.m.Cauldon Lowe Village Hall.