COTTON PARISH COUNCIL                                                                 

A Parish Council meeting was held in Cauldon Lowe Village Hall on Tuesday, 3rd. January 2017.

Present were Cllr. Cooper (Chairman) Cllrs. Allerton, Bendall, Brindley, Dale, Lees, Withington-Hyde, SCC Cllr. Worthington (Local Member), SMDC Ward Cllr. Lucas.

Apologies: None.

Prior to the commencement of formal business, .SMDC Ward Cllr. Lucas announced the recent passing of former Ward Cllr. Josie Clowes, who had been a regular attendee at meetings of Cotton Parish Council during her time as Churnet Ward Councillor.  The meeting observed a moment’s silence in memory of Cllr. Clowes.


17.01                                  PUBLIC PARTICIPATION

None present.

17.02                                  DECLARATIONS OF  INTEREST

Cllr. Cooper declared an interest in any matters concerning P.H. Wintertons.

       17.03                                 MINUTES OF LAST MEETING (Resolved)

Meeting held on 6th. December, 2016. These were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record…

17.04                                 MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES

  1. Dropped Kerb at Moorfields Close (16.165.B) Nothing concrete to report at this stage, although SCC Cllr. Worthington asserted that any work undertaken would be to enable disabled access rather than vehicular access.
  2. Withington-Hyde had kindly made certain calculations regarding Council’s income and expenditure during the year, with particular concern regarding Cemetery maintenance and discontinuation of SCC Lengthsman funding during the next financial year (See also Min. 17.05 below). Clerk to supply figures at next meeting.
  3. Transparency Fund (16.165.A). Clerk had purchased printer and carrying case for PC. Donation from SCC Cllr. Worthington’s LMIS fund received with thanks. Website:

17.05                                  LENGTHSMAN SCHEME

Notification received from SCC of termination of SCC Lengthsman Agreement as from 31st. March 2017. Funding for current fiscal year will be forthcoming and Lengthsman funding from SMDC will not be discontinued during 2017-2018.

Advertisement to be placed in local press for a Lengthsman to undertake work to include cemetery maintenance and recreation mowing (Latter two tasks not included in current SCC or SMDC Lengthsman Agreements).

17.06                                 PLANNING MATTERS


None received.


None received.                                                                                

Other Planning Matters

  1. Weekly lists – circulated to Cllrs. with email facilities.
  1. Reported that a planning application had been submitted for developmemt at Cotton Caravan Park, although no information had been received by this Council.  SCC Cllr. Worthington reported that Consall P.C. had received hard copy of plans, which had nothing to do with that Parish.  SCC Cllr. Worthington to make due enquiries with Case Officer.

17.07                                  RECREATION MATTERS

None reported.

17.08                                  BURIAL MATTERS

  1. A letter had been received from a Mr. and Miss Wood regarding damage to a memorial which had occurred over successive years. Council retains a watchful eye over Cemetery matters although this Council, whilst expressing regret, has noted correspondence but is not able to take retrospective action.
  1. Cllr. Withington-Hyde reported a memorial to Mildred and Mary Warrington is falling down and family has enquired regarding restoration. Clerk to refer family (via contact Mrs. Jennifer Lumley)  to Nettlebank Ltd., Momumental Masons, with a view to possible restoration

17.09                    HIGHWAYS MATTERS 

Issues reported through SCC Cllr. Worthington, SCC Cllr. Deaville, Mr. Webb, Mr Greatbatch and Mr. Steele Clerk had notified the above personnel of the following issues.

Anticipated NHT and other Projects:

  1. Various potholes/ blocked gully on westbound A52 (Weekly updates now available from SCC)..
  2. Damaged Cotton sign on Cotton Lane.
  3. Overhanging saplings on A52 near junction with Cotton Lane). Included in report. “In hand
  4. Blocked ditch to Cabbage Hall. Included in report.
  5. Overhanging trees at Three Lows crossroads. Reported that former landowner’s house has now been sold.
  6. Noted that verges on A 52 are considerably overgrown.
  7. Road sign near Star PH not replaced unlike others which have been replaced following recent work.
  8. Grit piles still required in Cotton Lane.

17.10                                  LIGHTING MATTERS

No issues reported.

17.11                                  REPORTS OF REPRESENTATIVES

No meetings of outside agencies had taken place since last meeting of Council.

17.12                                   CORRESPONDENCE

  1. SCC weekly pothole updates.
  2. SMDC Weekly Planning Lists.
  3. SPCA Newsletters.
  1. Letter from Mr. & Miss. Wood regarding gravestone damage (17.08.A).
  2. Letter containing information received from SCC regarding Precept 2017-2018 information.
  3. Letter from SCC regarding Termination of Lengthsman Agreement as from 31.03.2017.
  4. Letter from parishioner Mrs. Allerton regarding dog fouling in Cauldon Lowe.
  5. Letter from SMDC regarding adoption of red Heritage or standard telephone boxes which are to be decommissioned or removed due to low usage (none suitable for adoption in this Parish).

17.13                                              ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT

  1. Mr. J. W. Wood, Clerk – Salary & expenses (2 months)                £320.00

B.SMDC – Lease of land at Moorfields Close                                               £80.l00

  1. Interoffice Ltd. – Printer and carrying case                                  £129.35

17.14                                  PRECEPT 2017-2018

Having regard to the information and figures supplied, it was proposed by Cllr. Dale and seconded by Cllr. Allerton that the Precept for 2017-2018 be set at £5300.00 with additional  Council Tax Support Grant of £80.65).  Carried.  To be submitted to SMDC.

      17.15                                  MATTERS OF AN URGENT NATURE

  1. Resolved that Cllr. Allerton would obtain suitable card of sympathy to be sent to family of the late SMDC Ward Cllr. Clowes.
  2. Cllr. Bendall enquired as to whether the Millennium Committee should continue sitting, the Millennium having now passed.

Meeting rose at 9.25 p.m.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 7th.  February  2017, 7.30 p.m. Cauldon Lowe Village Hall.