COTTON PARISH COUNCIL                                                                                    

A Parish Council meeting was held in Cauldon Lowe Village Hall on Tuesday, 1st. November 2016.

Present were Cllr. Cooper (Chairman) Cllrs. Allerton, Bendall, Brindley,  Dale, Lees, Withington-Hyde, SCC Cllr. Worthington (Local Member), SMDC Ward Cllr. Lucas.

Apologies: SMDC Ward Cllr. Fallows,


16.148                                PUBLIC PARTICIPATION

No members of the public present.

16.149                                DECLARATIONS OF  INTEREST

Cllr. Cooper declared an interest in any matters concerning P.H. Wintertons.

       16.150                               MINUTES OF LAST MEETING (Resolved)

Meeting held on  4th. October, 2016. These were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record.         ..

16.151                               MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES

  1. Defibrillator – (Min. 16.137.A) – Chairman displayed device to Councillors. Precise location has had to be adjusted slightly nearer to hotel entrance and no hard standing is now required. Turnout for training session had been disappointing although further training may be offered at no cost. Interested parties to contact Mrs. W. Bendall. Cllr.Dale has found a suitable directional sign and a canopy type porch is also available if required.

Form to indicate regular inspections to be downloaded.  First Responders to carry out initial and periodic inspections and Cllr. Allerton to carry out bi-monthly inspections on behalf of Council, recording such inspection in writing on form as above.

Re ordering system required should device be used.  £100.00 required annually to run same.

Lafarge to pay for any electricity used.

Grand opening to be organized with press present.  Millennium Committee to provide refreshments.

Action: Clerk to arrange insurance for the sum of £1650.00. (Security cameras are located nearby.

Transparency Fund: Site not yet operable.

Action: Chair to contact webmaster Mr. Smith and arrange meeting of webmaster with himself, Cllr. Dale and Clerk

  1. Dropped Kerb at Moorfields Close (16.134.A) – Housing Association specified that no cars are allowed on grassed areas which may be made accessible by dropped kerbs. Two disabled personnel affected by difficulties occasioned through raised kerbs.

Action:  Mr. Morgan of Housing Association and Mr. Steele of SCC Highways to inspect situation.  SCC Cllr. Worthington also to speak with Mr. Steele.

  1. Cllr. Withington-Hyde asserted that she requires hard copies of minutes. On this occasion Clerk had experienced problems with printer.
  1. Cllrs. Bendall and Dale welcomed presence of Clerk following his recent spell in hospital.


16.152                                LENGTHSMAN SCHEME

COTTON PARISH COUNCIL                                                                                    

Final invoice received from H & H Gardening Services.  Following customary practice, position to be advertised and put to tender in January 2017.

16.153                               PLANNING MATTERS


None received.


None received.

Other Planning Matters

  1. Weekly lists – circulated to Cllrs. with email facilities.
  2. SMD/2016/0408 – (P.H. Winterton) Nothing further to report.
  3. Clerk reported that SMDC intends in future to distribute planning application details electronically. Dale reported that this matter had been considered at SMPA and may not be implemented.
  4. Dust Emissions at quarries –   Allerton and Dale had reported complaints from residents and had received one letter of complaint regarding dust, noise and smell. From Aggregate Industries, Cauldon Works.  Action: Letter to be sent to Aggrgate Indsutries regarding such complaints with copies to SMDC Environmental Health and Waterhouses PC.
  5. Cotton College: Dale pointed out that planning application proposed by Amos Developments had appeared on weekly lists. Chairman had investigated and discovered that original application was never determined.  SMDC had invited applicant to withdraw application as refusal  will probably be recommended, although applicant had as yet taken no action.

16.154                                RECREATION MATTERS

  1. Cllr Allerton reported that RoSPA annual report revealed that timber surrounding swing is technically to close to swing. Otherwise no major issues highlighted.


16.155                                BURIAL MATTERS

  1. Redundant wooden cross had been properly disposed of.
  2. Christmas wreaths to be removed by 31.March 2017.
  3. Memorial application re: Bold approved.

16.156                                HIGHWAYS MATTERS 

Issues reported through SCC Cllr. Worthington, SCC Cllr. Deaville, Mr. Webb, Mr Greatbatch and Mr. Steele Clerk had notified the above personnel of the following issues.

Cllr. Allerton held site meeting with Mr. M. Webb, SCC, to discuss

main highways issues, which included:

Anticipated NHT and other Projects:

  1. Various potholes (Weekly update now available from SCC)..
  2. Drains at Cotton Crossroads not cleared.
  3. Algae discoluring signage at Cotton Crossroads.
  4. Damaged Cotton sign on Cotton Lane.


COTTON PARISH COUNCIL                                                                                    

  1. Overhanging saplings on A52 near junction with Cotton Lane). Included in report. “In hand”. Vehicle activated signs at this location – “in hand”
  2. Blocked ditch to Cabbage Hall. Included in report.
  3. Overhanging trees at Three Lows crossroads. Reported that landowner’s house has now been sold.
  4. SCC – School Bus Services. Reported difficulties under review by SCC.
  5. Noted that verges on A 52 are considerably overgrown.
  6. Withington-Hyde reported wooden pallet on Cotton Lane.
  7. Dale reported that discontinuation of SCC Lengthsman Agreements discussed at SMPA. Community Highways Liaison Officer will remain available to facilitate work.
  8. Lees reported breakdown of coach containing children on Whiston Bank, where children allegedly alighted. Personnel rang non emergency 101 number but experienced a 25-20 minute delay prior to receiving any reply. Action: Clerk to notify Staffordshire PCC.

16.157                                LIGHTING MATTERS

No issues reported.

16.158                                REPORTS OF REPRESENTATIVES

Cllr. Dale submitted brief report on meeting of SMPA, 13 November 2017, held under the excellent Chairmanship of SMDC Cllr. J.D. Bull (Chairman of SMDC). Principal topics considered were Staffs Smart Alert and Rural Internet provision.

16.159                                 CORRESPONDENCE

  1. SMDC – Various items of routine correspondence as emailed to Cllrs
  2. Smart meters press release
  3. SPCA Weekly Bulletins
  4. Clerks & Councils Direct November 2016
  5. SCC Weekly Pothole Updates
  6. DMH – Request for presentation by speaker. To be considered in 2017.
  7. Staffs Fire & Rescue – information regarding faulty electrical equipment.

16.160                                            ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT


  1. Mr. Jamie Hill

Cemetery maintenance   £85.00

Recreation mowing        £75.00                                                  £160.00

  1. J.W. Wood, Clerk

Salary (2 months)          £200.00

Expenses                     £50.00              £250.00

C.Interoffice – Ink supplies                                                                    £13.86

D.Playsafety Ltd. – Annual Playground Inspection                                  £92.40

E.J.E. Allerton – Reimbursement for items purchased                             £119.02

      16.161                                MATTERS OF AN URGENT NATURE

November Remembrance Service to be held at Cauldon Lowe War Memorial, 13.11.16, 10.50 a.m.  Temporary closure of Main Road desirable.

COTTON PARISH COUNCIL                                                                                    

Cllr. Dale had made all necessary arrangements for service.

Meeting rose at 9.00 p.m.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 6th.. December  2016, 7.30 p.m.Cauldon Lowe Village Hall.