A Parish Council meeting was held in Cauldon Lowe Village Hall on Tuesday, 7th. February 2017.

Present were Cllr. Cooper (Chairman) Cllrs. Allerton, Bendall, Brindley, Dale, Lees, Withington-Hyde, SCC Cllr. Worthington (Local Member), SMDC Ward Cllrs. Fallows and Lucas.


Apologies: None.





17.16                                  PUBLIC PARTICIPATION

None present.


17.17                                  DECLARATIONS OF  INTEREST

Cllr. Cooper declared a prejudicial interest in any matters concerning P.H. Wintertons and a pecuniary interest in any matters under “Burial” concerning a proposed archway at Cotton Cemetery..


       17.18                                 MINUTES OF LAST MEETING (Resolved)

Meeting held on 3rd. January, 2017. These were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record.


17.19                                 MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES


  1. Dropped Kerb at Moorfields Close (17.04.A) This is to be a single dropped kerb shared between two properties.
  2. 17.04.B. Clerk supplied figures showing income and expenditure for current financial year, as requested by Cllr. Withington-Hyde. Excess expenditure on ground maintenance work noted, especially mowing of verges.
  3. Defibrillator – Allerton is undertaking the required regular checks on this machine.


17.20                                  LENGTHSMAN SCHEME

Position to be advertised on Council website to include maintenance of Cemertery, Recreation Ground and Verges as appropriate.

Tenders to be drawn together by Chairman.


17.21                                 PLANNING MATTERS



Questions arose regarding an application at Cotton Caravan Park, of which this Council had received no details. Cllr. Worthington had investigated matter with Case Officer. Also investigated by Clerk who could discover no references to any such application on SMDC Interactive Planning Map.



SMD/2016/0768 – Proposed front extension – 13 Westfields, Cauldon Lowe, ST10 3ED.  Approved.



Other Planning Matters

  1. Weekly lists – circulated to Cllrs. with email facilities.


17.22                                  RECREATION MATTERS

None reported.


17.23                                  BURIAL MATTERS

  1. Proposed archway entrance to Cemetery (Cllr. Cooper declared a pecuniary interest and took no part in discussion or resolution). Details supplied of project by Cllr. Withington-Hyde.  Proposed Cllr. Allerton seconded Cllr. Dale that scheme should be adopted. Cost of plans would be £200.00 plus Planning Application costs (planning permission to be obtained). Cllr. Withington-Hyde offered to meet cost of plans.  Cllr. Withington-Hyde also intimated that Environmental Enhancement grant may possibly be obtained for project.


  1. Memorial to Mildred and Mary Warrington (17.08.B). Clerk had notified contact (Mrs. Lumley) as per above minute. Lumley travelling in India presently and would attend to matter upon her return.


  1. Reported that a grave (Alcock) is in dangerous condition. To be monitored.         .


17.24                                  HIGHWAYS MATTERS 

Issues reported through SCC Cllr. Worthington, SCC Cllr. Deaville, Mr. Webb, Mr Greatbatch and Mr. Steele Clerk had notified the above personnel of the following issues.


Anticipated NHT and other Projects:

  1. Various potholes/ blocked gully on westbound A52 (Weekly updates now available from SCC). Flooding in Shaw Walls Lane during periods of heavy rain  reported as urgent to SCC who would send officer to inspect.  Also gully on A52 near to telephone box / old Post Office blocked.
  2. Damaged Cotton sign on Cotton Lane.
  3. Overhanging saplings on A52 near junction with Cotton Lane). Included in report. “In hand
  4. Blocked ditch to Cabbage Hall. Included in report.
  5. Noted that verges on A 52 are considerably overgrown.
  6. Road sign near Star PH not replaced unlike others which have been replaced following recent work.
  7. Withington-Hyde considered that recent works in vicinity of Star Inn are inadequate as water continues to run past Star Crossroads. SCC Cllr. Worthington to take this matter up.
  8. Grit piles still required in Cotton Lane, which still requires sweeping.
  9. Potholes repaired at Hoftens Cross (Moorfields & Westfields).


17.25                                  LIGHTING MATTERS

Malfunction of lamp near duckpond at Main Road reported.


17.26                                  REPORTS OF REPRESENTATIVES

No meetings of outside agencies had taken place since last meeting of Council.


17.29                                  CORRESPONDENCE

  1. SCC weekly pothole updates.
  2. SMDC Weekly Planning Lists.
  3. SPCA Weekly Newsletters.
  4. Community Council – BKV 2017 entry forms (possibly also sent to village
  5. representative).


  1. SMDC – Notification of Cabinet meeting 14.02.17.
  2. SLCC News Bulletin Feb. 17.
  3. SMDC – Meeting of Resources and Overview Scrutiny Panel 15.02.17.
  4. SCC – Dignity Awards 2017.
  5. SMDC – Audit & Accounts Committee meeting 17.02.17.
  6. SCC – Flyer for display re: SCC elections 04.05.17.
  7. Letter from Mrs. Bendall regarding request for BKV entrance fee.
  8. Letter from SMDC regarding adoption of telephone box. Considered unsuitable for adoption.


17.20                                              ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT


  1. HMRC – PAYE Clerk                                                                  £75.00


B .Community Council of Staffs – BKV Entry 2017                           £18.95


      17.21                                  MATTERS OF AN URGENT NATURE

  1. Parishioners had approached Cllr. Allerton regarding dog faeces. Cllr. Allerton had obtained appropriate sign which would have effect of deterring owners from allowing dogs to defaecate in unsuitable places (or clear same up afterwards)


Meeting rose at 9.15 p.m.


Date of next meeting Tuesday 7th.  March 2017, 7.30 p.m. Cauldon Lowe Village Hall.