A Parish Council meeting was held in Cauldon Lowe Village Hall on Tuesday, 6th. June 2017.

Present were Cllr. Cooper (Chairman) Cllrs. Allerton, Bendall,  Dale, Lees, Withington-Hyde, SCC Cllr. Worthington (Local Member), SMDC Ward Cllr. Lucas.

Apologies: Cllr. Brindley, SMDC Ward Cllr. Fallows.


17.66                                  PUBLIC PARTICIPATION

No members of the public present.

17.67                                  DECLARATIONS OF  INTEREST

Cllr. Cooper declared a pecuniary interest in any matters under “Burial” concerning a proposed archway or disabled access at Cotton Cemetery.

       17.68                                 MINUTES OF LAST MEETING (Resolved)

Meeting held on 2nd. May, 2017. These were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record.

17.69                                 MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES

  1. Disabled access at Moorfields Close (17.39.A) Parked vehicles render the passage of disabled carriages difficult. Mr. Steele, SCC Highways Liaison Officer, conducting investigations. Intention is to place suitable markings on carriageway.

17.70                                  LENGTHSMAN SCHEME

Invoice received from H & H Gardening Services re: Lengthsman duties in the sum of £300.00.

17.71                                 PLANNING MATTERS


            None received.


None notified.

Other Planning Matters

  1. Weekly lists – circulated to Cllrs.
  2. Dale re-iterated concerns regarding St. Wilfrid’s RC Church and Churchyard. Email traffic had been exchanged between Cllr. Dale and SMDC Enforcement Officers (all Cllrs. had been copied in). SMDC stated that rubble had been introduced into area surrounding St. Wilfrid’s during 2016 to assist in removal of War memorial to a site in present RC Cemetery.

Cllr. Allerton had received no information from Church authorities on locations of old graves (some unmarked).

17.72                                  RECREATION MATTERS

  1. Mowing has been undertaken in the sum of £120.00.

COTTON PARISH COUNCIL                                                                                    360

  1. Mr. G. Goldstraw had been thanked for his work in repairing damaged gatepost at recreation ground..

17.73                                  BURIAL MATTERS

  1. Proposed archway entrance to Cemetery (see 17.73.A) (Cllr. Cooper declared a pecuniary interest and took no part in discussion or resolution). Plans submitted and validated. Decision awaited from SMDC.
  2. Disabled access – Previously drawn plans available (passed to Chairman for safe keeping).Grant aid may be investigated through Lichfield Diocese and SPCA.
  3. Maintenance – invoice from Contractor received in the sum of £340.00.
  4. Interment to take place 11.06.2017. New grave – double fees to be charged as deceased resided outside parish.

17.74                                  HIGHWAYS MATTERS 

Issues reported through SCC Cllr. Worthington, SCC Cllr. Deaville, Mr. Webb, Mr Greatbatch and Mr. Steele and SCC Website. Clerk had notified the appropriate personnel of the following issues.

Anticipated NHT and other Projects:

  1. Various potholes/ blocked gullies reported as required. (Weekly updates available from SCC).
  2. Poor road surface on Ellastone Road near junction with A 52. Reported previously and acknowledged by SCC.
  3. Overhanging saplings on A52 near junction with Cotton Lane). Included in report. “In hand”.
  4. Blocked ditch to Cabbage Hall. Included in report.
  5. Road sign near Star PH not replaced, unlike others which have been replaced following recent work. Reported to Mr. Steele..
  6. Water running past Star Inn. In hands of SCC drainage personnel via SCC. Cllr. Allerton to speak with Mr. Webb, SCC. Cllr. Worthington aware of issue.
  7. Cotton Lane still requires sweeping. SMDC, to be notified (again).

17.75                                  LIGHTING MATTERS

None reported.

17.76                                  REPORTS OF REPRESENTATIVES

No meetings of outside agencies had taken place since last meeting of Council.

17.77                                  CORRESPONDENCE

  1. SCC weekly pothole updates.
  2. SMDC Weekly Planning Lists.
  3. SPCA Weekly Newsletters.
  4. SMDC – Notification of various meetings.
  5. Broxap Ltd. brochure
  6. Wicksteed Leisure – catalogue.
  7. Healthwatch UK – Update.
  8. Staffordshire Police – Information on Cyber Crime.

17.78                                              ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT

  1. H & H Gardening Services                                                 Cemetery          £340.00

Rec.                 £120.00

H/W                  £300.00                         £760.00

COTTON PARISH COUNCIL                                                                                    361


B . SMDC – Cemetery Waste Container charges                   £261.38

  1. SPFA – Annual Subs 17/18                                            £15.00


17.79.A                                ANNUAL GOVERNANCE STATEMENT

Resolved that the Annual Governance Statement 2016-2017 be signed by the Chairman and Clerk

17.79.B                                ANNUAL RETURN

Resolved that the Annual Return 2016-2017 be signed by the Chairman and Clerk.

Both the above items to be submitted to the Internal and External Auditors and displayed on the Parish Website.

      17.80                                  MATTERS OF AN URGENT NATURE

. `A.  SCC Cllr. Worthington mentioned the intention of Oakamoor Parish Council to approach SCC regarding a reduction of speed limit to 30 mph from Oakamoor to Star crossroads, Cotton.

  1. Dale suggested that Council should examine the present unsatisfactory school pick up points on the 52 with a view to seeking more commodious arrangements.
  2. Chairman inquired as to whether, if planning permission is granted for proposed archway, whether quotations should be sought. Matter to be discussed at July 2017 meeting of Council.

Meeting rose at 9.25 p.m.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 4th.  July 2017,  7.30 p.m. Cauldon Lowe Village Hall.