Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday, 3rd October 2017 at 7.30pm

at Cauldon Lowe Village Hall




Present:          Dave Cooper (Chairman)

Richards Lees (Vice Chairman)

John Allerton (Parish Councillor)

Gary Bendall (Parish Councillor)

John Dale (Parish Councillor)

Pam Withington-Hyde (Parish Councillor)

Jean Brindley (Parish Councillor)


Mike Worthington (SCC)

Ivor Lucas (SMDC)

Elsie Fallows (SMDC)


In Attendance: Two members of the public.


  1. Public Participation.

There was no public participation.


  1. Apologies.

Jeff Wood (Parish Clerk).


  1. Declaration of Interest.

Cllr. Cooper declared an interest in any Planning Matters.


  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting (Un-Resolved).

Councillors John Dale and Richard Lees pointed out an inaccuracy – they were not present, so the Chairman could not approve and sign them as a true and correct record.


  1. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes.


  1. Disabled Parking Lines in Moorfields Close.

Two Disabled Bays at Moorfields Close Cllr. Worthington informed us that Mr Rob Steel was no longer dealing with these issues and that we would now have to speak to Mike Webb.


Action – Cllr. Cooper to obtain contact details of Mike Webb from Mike Worthington and contact him with a view to getting the disabled bays priced/ actioned.



  1. End of World War One (centenary celebrations since cessation of hostilities):  Nothing to report.


  1. Best Kept Village.

Cllr. Bendall gave details of Cauldon Lowe having won this competition and the official presentation is to be held at 5:30pm on Tuesday 17th October 2017, at the Millennium Garden, Cauldon Lowe.


Action – Cllr Allerton to coordinate/organize the temporary road closure and reflective jackets etc.


  1. Lengthsman Scheme.

Nothing to report at this stage and no invoice(s) received.


  1.  Planning Matters.

Applications – None.

Decisions – None.

Other Planning Matters –

  1. Weekly lists – circulated to Cllrs. with email facilities.
  2. Dust Emissions at quarries – Nothing to report at this stage.
  3. No response from Birmingham Catholic diocese with regard to St. Wilfred’s Church, Cotton.


Action – Cllr. Cooper/ Clerk to contact Birmingham Catholic diocese yet again!


  1. Planning Permission received from SMDC regarding entrance arch to Cotton Cemetery.


Action – Cllr Cooper to obtain quotes etc for the fabrication and ground-works associated with this.

Action – Cllr. Dale to look into grants for the fabrication and ground-works associated with this.


  1. Recreation Matters.

Cllr. Allerton reported some sheep have been entering the playing field in

Cauldon Lowe.


Action – Cllr Allerton dealing with this.


  1. Burial Matters.

Nothing to report at this stage.


  1. Highways Matters.   


  1. Cllr. Brindley reported that no action had been taken at the Star Crossroads regarding a camera inspection of the drains.


Action – Cllr Worthington was going to look into this on behalf of CPC.



  1. There has been no correspondence in regard to school children being forced to cross the 60mph A-52 road to catch school buses at the Cross Inn.


Action – Cllr. Cooper to liaise with Cllr. Worthington and to look into this on behalf of CPC.


  1. Cllr. Lees reported there had been no action at Garston bends on the A-52 regarding the cutting back of bushes overhanging the carriageway and the newly installed illuminated warning sign. Similarly, Cllr. Bendall advised the meeting that the SCC Highways, had also failed to act, with other trees obstructing the footpath on the A-52 near the old St Lawrence’s School at Rue Hill, Cauldon Lowe.  The meeting resolved that the Chairman would contact the contractor Mark Rowlinson and if the work would cost less than £250 that he would have the authority to act on behalf of CPC and order the work be done in the interest of Health and Safety and would then try to recover the costs from SCC.


Action – Cllr Cooper to contact Mark Rowlinson over the hedge/ tree flailing works on the A-52 as mentioned above.


  1. Cllr. Brindley reported that the BT box outside her home address at the Star Crossroads had been knocked over yet again by a vehicle, but that BT had this in hand.


  1. Cllr. Brindley reported that the ‘Secretary’ of Faber School, Cotton was parking her car outside of the school all day despite a new custom-made car-park having been installed which was considered rather dangerous and unnecessary by the sitting of the parish council.


Action – The clerk to write to the head of the school in regard to the above.


  1. General discussion regarding listed buildings in the parish but no action to be taken currently.


 Anticipated NHT and other Projects:

  1. Various potholes (Weekly update now available from SCC).
  2. Algae discolouring signage at Cotton Crossroads.
  3. Damaged Cotton sign on Cotton Lane.
  4. Blocked ditch to Cabbage Hall. Included in report.


  1. Lighting Matters.

No issues reported.


  1. Reports of Representatives.

Nothing to report at this stage.


  1. Historic Buildings Trust.

Nothing to report at this stage.


  1. Correspondence.

Nothing to report at this stage.



  1. Accounts for Payment.

None received.


  1. Matters of An Urgent Nature.

Due to the stroke suffered the previous Sunday evening by the current Clerk, Jeff Wood, the sitting of the Parish Council asked that Cllr. Cooper would take up the proposal of Cllr. Worthington to contact Carmen Worthington with a view of her taking up the position of Clerk temporarily, although this might well be a permanent position.


Action – Cllr. Cooper to contact Carmen Worthington as requested by the sitting of the council.


  1.  Date of next meeting (to be determined) at Cauldon Lowe Village Hall.



Meeting rose at 8.45pm.




Signed: ………………………… (Chairman)



Signed:  ……………………………(Clerk)