Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday, 5th December 2017 at 7.30pm at Cauldon Lowe Village Hall

Attendance:       Dave Cooper (Chairman),  Mike Worthington (SCC), Jean Brindley (Parish Councillor), Elsie Fallows (SMDC), Gary Bendall (Parish Councillor), John Dale (Parish Councillor), Pam Withington-Hyde (Parish Councillor)

1.  PAYE for Jeff Wood – Final payment of £45.10 (Chq. No. 001058).

2. Clerks salary – It was agreed with the amount of workload the Clerk has taken on, she shall get paid £175 for the first 3 months.  This was proposed by Councillor Dale and seconded by Councillor Withington-Hyde.  Votes were unanimous.  Payment of Clerk £100 (Chq. 001057 & £75 001059).


15. Matters of an Urgent Nature. a.  Defibrillator located at the Cross Inn Pub needs to be inspected as Councillor Allerton is no longer available to do this.  Councillor Dale is to inspect in future.

b. Speed sign outside Faber School is National Speed limited which needs to be reduced.  Clerk to contact Mike Deaville at Highways.  Councillor Dale proposed, Councillor Brindley seconded. Councillor Worthington also said he would follow this up.

c. Report of Chairman – Disabled access at cemetery –  Councillors Allerton, Dale and Cooper met with Nigel Bee from JCB and Martin, consultant surveyor from JCB.

They looked at the plans which in principle were feasible, but the area needs to be levelled out.  It also needs to be concreted to level it all at the bottom of the footpath near the gate.  All levels can be made to be suitable for wheelchair access.

Since meeting, Martin got back to Councillor Allerton and said that they could remove 45 tonnes of soil free of charge. Councillor Allerton is to approach Terry Sellers (contractor).

15 tonnes of aggregate stone from quarry.  Cauldon Lowe quarry. John spoke to Vaughan Evans, quarry manager (07738 133935). At a later stage a letter is to be written to Vaughan, so things can progress and move forward. It was suggested that Councillor Bendall, who has a lorry, could collect stone from the quarry to take to the cemetery, ready for JCB to put aggregate in. Once leveled out – contact Rachel Harrison (secretary) who will get authority for 40sqm Tarmac.  A letter is to be written in due course.

d. Estimates for surveyor – A Planning Application was proposed by Councillor Dale and seconded by Councillor Bendall.  It was agreed unanimously that Councillor Cooper will obtain the planning application with the cost of £400.  Councillors unanimously agreed.  This needs to be done asap as JCB have given us 3 months to carry out the work because thereafter they have other commitments.









There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.45pm