Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday, 7th November 2017 at 7.30pm at Cauldon Lowe Village Hall

Attendance:       Dave Cooper (Chairman),  Mike Worthington (SCC), Richards Lees (Vice Chairman), Ivor Lucas (SMDC),John Allerton (Parish Councillor), Elsie Fallows (SMDC), Gary Bendall (Parish Councillor), Carmen Worthington (Clerk),John Dale (Parish Councillor), Pam Withington-Hyde (Parish Councillor), Jean Brindley (Parish Councillor)


Appointment of Acting Parish Clerk.
In the absence of Jeff Wood, the Chairman welcomed Carmen Worthington, who will be the Acting Parish Clerk for Cotton Parish Council.

Carmen Worthington and Councillor Worthington were asked to leave the meeting whilst her temporary appointment was confirmed by fellow councillors.

The minutes of the meeting of the 3rd October 2017, taken as read were confirmed as a true and accurate record and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising.
4.1   Disabled Parking Lines – Clerk to forward contact details of Mike Webb to Councillor Cooper.

4.2   School secretary of Faber School is now parking in the car park.  Clerk to contact Faber school to ensure that her car is not parked outside of the school in future.

4.3   WW1 – Councillor Dale is to forward information to the Chairman.

4.4   Best kept Village – The presentation for Cauldon Lowe was well organised and everyone agreed it was a success.

4.5   Re: Graves – There has been no response from the Birmingham Catholic Diocese. The Clerk is to action this.

4.6   The hedge and bush cutting has been done and Mr Rowlinson will be sending a bill.

4.7   The BT box that was knocked over has been replaced.

4.8   Thanks to Councillor Allerton the bus route has been changed to a suitable pickup point, also thanks to the parents that helped.

Public Question Time.
No members of the public present.

Declaration of Interest.
Councillor Cooper declared an interest in all Planning Matters.

Lengthsman Scheme.
An invoice has been received from the lengthsman for the final cuts.  The invoice was passed around for approval.

Planning Matters.
Applications – Mr & Mrs Mellor – Hayes Gate Farm, Star Bank, Oakamoor –  Proposed Development: Change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling house (Class C3).

Decision– After a lengthy discussion it was agreed by a majority decision to approve the application subject to the possible removal of permitted development rights.

Other Planning Matters 

8.1            Moneystone Quarry – Councillor Dale expressed disappointment that Cotton had not responded in support of the                       ongoing appeal. Councillor Worthington said he was due to speak on the following Tuesday and will mention that                       Cotton Parish Council were supportive of the other Parish Councils.

8.2            Councillor Cooper has informed us that a notice has gone up from the communications development team that                           Open Reach fiber broadband mast will be installed in Cotton.  This will be good for the local community.  The Clerk                   is to write a letter to Open Reach to acknowledge the notice and to point out the important of the installation in the                     village.

Recreation Matters.
Nothing to report.

Burial Matters.
10.1           The Cemetery needs a cut.  The Clerk is to contact H & H Property for a final cut.

10.2           Councillor mentioned that the gate was not shut properly, it was not latched after the bin men had been.                                      Councillors are going to keep an eye on this.

10.3           Councillors discussed if a lottery grant would be possible for the arch as it would benefit the community.  Councillor                    Worthington said that a grant would not be very probable.

10.4           JCB would like to offer help towards the disabled access, Councillor Allerton to discuss this at a meeting he will be                    attending.

Lighting Matters.
Councillor Allerton has reported that there is a light out before Westfields Close (ref no. 5C 75 4(h). The Clerk is to contact EON.

Reports of Representatives.

12.1           Report of Parish Assembly – Councillor Dale and Councillor Fallows attended the Parish Assembly and gave a                          brief update of the meeting which was a local plan update, Council Right of Way, and Councillor Fallows                                    mentioned  the Pub is the Hub.

12.2           Clerk to check AON insurance to see if Cotton have a ‘public liability’ cover for volunteers to carry out work in the                      Parish.

12.3           Councillor Allerton said the service sheets have been printed for remembrance.

The cost of the Wreath is £35 for the RBL. Councillor Fallows said that there was a ‘Code of Conduct’ training day on 14th November, in Leek if any fellow councillors were interested in attending.


13.1           Karen Bradley MP – Trips to London and Private Tours of Westminster – Letter was read out and passed around.                      Also, poster to be put up on the Notice Board.

13.2           Karen Bradley MP – Advice Surgeries – Letter read out and passed around with  the dates of forthcoming                                  surgeries, to go on noticeboard.

Accounts for Payment.
14.1           H & H Gardening Services – Mowing and Strimming.  Amount: £680.00. Agreed and paid.

14.2           Staffordshire Playing Fields Association – Membership Fee. It was agreed that the Clerk should contact SPFA and                    cancel the subscription of £15.  There was a unanimous vote for this as it is of no benefit to the Council.

Matters of An Urgent Nature.

15.1           The bus shelter at Rue Hill – The Chairman mentioned that the ridge tiles are coming off and it is in a dangerous                         condition.  It was unanimously agreed as this bus shelter was unused, to approach JCB with a view to taking it                           down.

15.2           Councillor Lucas said there is a sign on the floor at the A52 junction by the Cross Public House. Councillor                                Worthington is to action this.

 Date of next meeting.
Tuesday, 5th December 2017 at Cauldon Lowe Village Hall.

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.15pm